In the Iverson Home

I am adding another page to my blog of all my crafts, achievements & some of the things we do. Hopefully some of it will be of interest to somebody!

3 Sept 2012

The first thing I am going to post about is something I am pretty proud of. Last Christmas our daughter got a pushchair for her doll from Santa. It is very much loved & the favourite pastime of both our children is to sit in it and push each other around the house. Of course this is not the best thing for the pushchair & as a result the fabric got all ripped & needed to be replaced.

I took the kids to find some new fabric & settled on a canvas fabric as it is so much stronger & will hopefully last much longer.

I took apart the old fabric & used it as a template for the new one. I trimmed it all with binding. I managed to get it all done during Anwyn’s nap time with my new sewing machine (that cost me $15 from a garage sale!)

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